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CCW Safe Review: Uncovering the Reality Behind Their Self-Defense Policy

By Attorney Marc J. Victor

March 5, 2023

CCW Safe Policy Review (2023) | Attorneys On Retainer


IMPORTANT NOTE: This video was released on March 3, 2023, and CCW Safe has since updated its policy in November 2023.

To see our updated video on the CCW Safe policy, click here.


The Attorneys On Retainer program has been updated since this video was released and we are NOW A NATIONAL PROGRAM AND OFFER ADDITIONAL COVERAGE for bail bonds, expert witnesses, investigator fees, scene cleanup, firearm reimbursement, and more! For more information, visit our self-protection plans.

With the success of our recent CCW insurance policy reviews, we have decided to take an in-depth look at one of the more popular companies in CCW Safe.

CCW Safe is a legal service membership plan that offers unlimited legal coverage for concealed carry defense. Like USCCA and FLP, CCW Safe also offers gun education and training to its members for a reasonable monthly fee. However, during our review, we discovered some potential drawbacks and exclusions in their policy that are worth considering taking a second look for anyone who is an existing or prospective member.


As I stated in my previous reviews, all of these CCW plans are great for training and educational purposes, but if you are looking for real legal protection in a self-defense shooting, please be sure that you thoroughly read through their membership agreements as there could be exclusions or provisions that may prevent you from getting the coverage you need.



Key Points:


No Coverage for Incidents Occurring in Gun-Free Zones

Under Restrictions, Limitations, Notices, and Exclusions

“Criminal Acts: …CCW Safe will not provide the services for a firearms response, if in a place where it is a misdemeanor or felony to possess a firearm (although all other legal weapons shall be covered).”    

When the term “gun-free zone” is mentioned, it often brings to mind locations such as schools, government buildings, and private establishments where shootings have occurred in the past and continue to this day. While the statistics on the percentage of these incidents that occur in these zones may differ, it is crucial to keep in mind that if you ever find yourself in a self-defense situation in a gun-free zone and use your weapon, CCS Safe will not provide coverage for you.


They Will Make You Waive Your Right to Attorney-Client Privilege

Under Restrictions, Limitations, Notices, and Exclusions

Cooperation:“At all times, Covered Member must cooperate with CCW Safe in connection with any services provided to Covered Member, including, but not limited to, cooperation with any attorney assigned to assist Covered Member, attending all required court appearances, and authorizing any attorney assigned to assist Covered Member to communicate with CCW Safe regarding any information reasonably requested by CCW Safe. Covered Member must execute any Consent to Release Information, as required by any attorney assisting Covered Member pursuant to Plan benefits.”    

Here, CCW Safe is telling you that you must waive your right to attorney-client privilege. The attorney–client privilege is one of the oldest privileges for confidential communications. This gives you the right to refuse to disclose and to prevent any other person from disclosing confidential communications between the client and the attorney. So, in order for you to receive financial benefits, you must allow your attorney to release all of your legal details to CCW Safe. By waiving your attorney-client privilege, any information you provide to your attorney will also be subject to discovery by the prosecutor. Which could lead to a big problem if you are fighting for your freedom.


No Coverage for Unintentional Discharge

Under Restrictions, Limitations, Notices, and Exclusions

Unintentional Discharge: CCW Safe will not provide the services if the incident is unintentional and considered an “Unintentional Discharge.” This includes the unintentional use of any other legal weapon or force.”

We have seen, in more cases than not, accidental and unintentional discharge cases being filed against good gun people. This is an unfortunate incident that should never occur, but the hard reality is that it does. Like FLP, CCW Safe WILL NOT cover you if an accidental discharge happens. Isn’t this one of the many reasons why you got this coverage in the first place?


No Coverage if Substances That Alter Judgment Are Involved

Under Restrictions, Limitations, Notices, and Exclusions

Substances That Alter Judgment: CCW Safe will not provide the services if, at the time of a use of force incident, you are impaired in public or private property not of your own, by the use of alcohol, controlled substances, or prescribed medication that impairs judgment, or in any location you are in violation of state law or regulation concerning alcohol and drug use while in the possession of a firearm. This restriction is specific to any public place or private property not of your own."

Our experience of the frequency of self-defense cases arising from incidents involving mind-altering substances, such as alcohol or drugs, underscores the importance of having a dependable self-defense program in place. Substances can lead to violent behavior and, in turn, the need for self-defense. When choosing a self-defense program, it is crucial to ensure that the program is equipped to defend you in all such cases, which are all too common.


No Coverage for Those with Invalid Permits

Under Restrictions, Limitations, Notices, and Exclusions

Invalid Permits and Disqualification: CCW Safe will not provide permit plan services if the member no longer holds a valid carry permit, fails to be eligible to carry a weapon without a permit, fails to meet the legal requirements of LEOSA, fails to provide and maintain accurate and truthful information on their CCW Safe member profile, becomes subject to a condition which would preclude or disqualify him/her from holding a valid concealed carry weapons permit, or are otherwise no longer in good standing with CCW Safe.”

It is important to note that if you reside in a state that requires a permit to carry your firearm and your permit expired at the time of your self-defense incident, CCW Safe will not cover you. This program only covers individuals with a valid permit.



I am happy to see that acts of self-defense that arise out of domestic violence cases are covered by CCW Safe. This is important because altercations between partners happen all the time. Unfortunately, several other other CCW self-defense companies exclude domestic violence.

But although CCW Safe covers domestic violence, they still have several exclusions that may prevent you from getting you the legal assistance you need in a self-defense shooting.

If you want reliable legal defense coverage without all of the unnecessary exclusions, be sure to check out our Attorneys On Retainer Program. As long as we can ethically assert self-defense in your case, and the matter is a misdemeanor or felony that arose AFTER you signed up, you will be covered.

Criminal Defense Attorney and founder/owner of Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm, Marc J. Victor, specializes in major felony and self-defense cases. With experience as a legal commentator, he is also a long-time freedom activist and a former U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

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