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Right to Bear Policy Review by Attorney Marc J. Victor

By Attorney Marc J. Victor

October 20, 2023

Right to Bear Policy Review | Attorneys On Retainer



The Attorneys On Retainer program has been updated since this video was released, and we are now covering misdemeanors, appeals, and increasing our bail coverage up to $50k on a $50,000 bond.

The Attorneys On Retainer program is NOW A NATIONAL PROGRAM AND OFFERS ADDITIONAL COVERAGE for bail bonds, expert witnesses, investigator fees, scene cleanup, firearm reimbursement, and more! For more information, visit our self-protection plans.

In a world where personal safety is a growing concern, the Right To Bear Coverage Program has become a topic of debate. In this article, we review the Right to Bear Self-Defense Liability Program to better understand the implications of such policies. Whether you are considering becoming a member or are already enrolled in the self-defense coverage plan, it is essential to thoroughly review the policy to identify any drawbacks, and exclusions, and ultimately determine if it truly caters to your specific requirements. By examining what was being offered, we found limitations and exclusions that need to be shared to make an informed decision that prioritizes your personal safety and well-being.


“Today I want to give you my analysis of the Right To Bear Self-Defense Liability Protection Program.”

“Don’t take my word for it read the contract for yourself…”



Key Points:


Uncertain: Insurance or Not?

Section VIII - Limitations and Exclusions, Subsection A

“This agreement is not an insurance policy, and the services provided for herein are not insurance.” Member services 24/7 Protection

“…(Membership not available in NJ,NY,WA)…”    

Right To Bear discloses that they are not insurance, and they want their members to know that. However, at the top right of every page of the contract, it says “Moultrie Insurance”. They also state that their services are not available in all the U.S. states that restrict any Insurance products. So, is this insurance or not? Being as they are contradicting their own words; they do not seem trustworthy. We looked at Moultrie Insurance more in depth and they have been in business since 2021. Take that for what it’s worth.


No Coverage For All Weapons or Restricted Areas

Section III - Limitations and Exclusions, Subsection A, Part 3

“Legal representation by a Contracted Lawyer in the defense of any Legal Proceeding arising from Lawful Weapon Use by the Associate in the Applicable State.”

Section VIII - Limitations and Exclusions, Subsection E, Part 1

“Any incident or Legal Proceeding Involving Lawful Weapon Use unless, at the time of such Lawful Weapon use, the Associate was in lawful possession of the applicable firearm or other lawful weapon and the Associate was in a location where possession of such firearm or other lawful weapons by the Associate was legally permitted;”    

What was revealed in these sections was standard to other self-defense programs’ exclusions. You don’t get to choose the time and place where these self-defense incidents arise. But with Right To Bear, you are not covered if; you use an illegal weapon, you are not lawfully in possession of the weapon, or if the incident happened in a restricted area. A restricted area better known as a “Sensitive Place” is defined as places that prohibit any firearms or weapons such as schools, government buildings, health, and medical facilities, and more.


No Coverage for Domestic Violence

Section VIII - Limitations and Exclusions, Subsection E, Part 4

“Any incident involving a firearm or other lawful weapon against current or former family members, household members, domestic partnerships, romantic relationships, or similar relationships of any Associate, unless in a posture of legal self-defense as the victim of the incident.”

With this statement, it’s very hard to tell if domestic violence issues are excluded or covered. With domestic violence issues being the biggest leading factor in self-defense incidents you want to double-check with Right To Bear themselves if this is covered or not.


No Coverage for Criminal Acts

Section VIII - Limitations and Exclusions, Subsection F, Part 2

“The Associate is engaged or allegedly engaged in criminal or other illegal activity…"

This tells us that if a member is charged with a crime or simply an “alleged” crime, Right To Bear has full authority to drop your coverage. According to the 2021 National Firearms Survey: Updated Analysis Including Types of Firearms Owned conducted by William English, firearms are used 1.7 million times a year during self-defense. As most gun-related incidents arising from self-defense are criminal felony offenses, what is the coverage that Right To Bear offers you?


Contract Lawyers and Fees

Section IX Administrations; Legal Services by Contracted Lawyers - Subsection C

“…In addition, any Associate shall have the right at any time to retain counsel of his or her choice authorized to practice in the Applicable State other than a Contracted lawyer made available under this Agreement, provided that in such case such Associate’s counsel (must adhere to the associations predetermined agreed upon fees) shall be responsible for all fees, costs, and expenses of such counsel and shall receive no reimbursement for such from the Association under this Agreement.”

On the upside, you can choose who will represent you in your self-defense case. You may choose from the pool of contracted lawyers from Right To Bear or choose your own lawyers. As disclosed in the contract, the lawyer must adhere to the predetermined payment offered by Right To Bear, nothing more nothing less. This is absurd because not all lawyers charge the same. This only brings more unanswered questions. Where are these contracted lawyers coming from? Are they experienced? How much are the “predetermined fees”?



Upon the review of the Right To Bear Self-Defense Program, to be fair, not the worst. They do offer adequate coverage and include many of the standard inclusions that other companies offer. With rather unclear exclusions and leaving us with more questions than we started when reading the contract, it is safe to say, not the best self-defense program. If you are seeking a transparent company that offers criminal legal defense and little to no exclusions Attorneys On Retainer may be the perfect fit for you.

If you are looking for experienced, committed, and aggressive criminal defense attorneys in case a shooting occurs, check out Attorneys On Retainer Program. If we can ethically assert self-defense in your case, and the matter is a felony that arose AFTER you signed up, you will be covered.

Criminal Defense Attorney and founder/owner of Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm, Marc J. Victor, specializes in major felony and self-defense cases. With experience as a legal commentator, he is also a long-time freedom activist and a former U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

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