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With our Attorneys on Retainer - National Self-Protection Plan, you get a law firm that will support you if you are ever charged or convicted while in a self-defensive situation, no matter what state you are in. For only $35 a month, you can have our experienced and aggressive law firm in your back pocket, 24/7/365, for your self-defense case.

Additional Expense Coverage Includes: Bail bond, scene cleanup, firearm replacement, and mental health service expenses.

Family plans available on request.

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About the National Self-Protection Plan:

Detailed Benefits:

  • Toll-free, emergency line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • $50,000 towards a secure bail bond on a posted bond value of up to $500,000 OR $50,000 towards a cash-only bail bond
  • $4,000 towards scene clean-up
  • $1,000 towards firearm replacement (if confiscated)
  • Up to 10 mental health counseling sessions (up to $1,500)
  • No fees for criminal and civil defense legal representation through jury trial
  • No fees for expert witness expenses
  • No fees for investigation expenses
  • No fees for retrials or appeals
  • No fees for any additional court costs or defense-related expenses
  • No fees for victim representation
  • Occupational on-duty security coverage
  • FREE Strategy Sessions with an attorney for any self-defense legal matter
  • Legal representation for any non-self-defense legal matters is available at 35% off the attorney’s hourly rate.*
  • You are facing a criminal charge (misdemeanor or felony).
  • The charges arise out of conduct that occurred entirely after you became a member of the Attorneys On Retainer Program.
  • You can reasonably and in good faith assert that you acted in self-defense or defense of others.


Coverage is available to all 50 states (including Washington D.C.). Monthly fees begin 30 days after set up. Family plans are available on request.

Questions? Please feel free to email us or call 866-404-5112.

*Select non-self-defense legal matters only. Terms & conditions apply.

National Self-Protection Plan

Starting at $35/mo.

One-time set up fee of $100. Monthly fees begin 30 days after set up. Family plans available upon request.

Self-Defense from Home Intrusion

Many homeowners own firearms to protect their families from home intruders. If you have to use your firearm in self-defense, you will be questioned by the police. You should never talk to the police without first speaking to an attorney.

Self-Defense From Imminent Threat of Serious Bodily Injury or Death

When there is an imminent threat of serious bodily injury or death, and you use your firearm or weapon in self-defense, you should expect that you will be questioned by the police and could be arrested. This is when having an experienced attorney is crucial.

Defensive Display of a Firearm

Displaying a firearm for self-defense is serious, even if you don't fire it. It is taken seriously by prosecutors, and a conviction may result in penalties and a criminal record. Should you ever have to display your firearm in self-defense, consider any such display as serious as if you had to fire your weapon.

Civil Lawsuit from Attacker or Their Family

Sometimes people will use a firearm (or any other weapon) as self-defense against an attacker and then find themselves being sued civilly by the attacker or their family. Even if you may have not been charged criminally, you still may face civil charges in some cases.



There is a one-time nonrefundable set-up fee of $100.00. Monthly recurring payments will commence thirty days after the Agreement’s Effective Date. Annual recurring payments are due immediately. Members can cancel at any time. All retainer fees are to ensure the availability of an attorney at the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm. Monthly payments are nonrefundable. Annual payments are subject to a prorated refund if canceled within the year. Representation in any legal matter is subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct, including the clearing of conflicts. Attorneys are ethically prohibited from representing clients in frivolous legal matters.



The video below is the same video you will receive as a part of your required onboarding steps.


Questions? Please feel free to email us or call 866-404-5112.

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We’re here to help answer any questions you may have about our Self-Protection Plans.

If you were involved in a self-defense incident and have an emergency, please call the Emergency Hotline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my own lawyer?

AOR members have essentially chosen The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm as their 1st chair lead counsel in any of the 50 states through the operation of the pro hac vice. All the Attorneys work together on every case as a team for effective representation. Additionally, every effort is made by our law firm to secure the client’s choice of Attorney for local counsel listed in the client’s emergency contact form.

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National Self-Protection Plan


  • $100.00 one-time sign up.
  • $35.00/month or $357.00/annual.

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  • $75.00 one-time sign-up per person.
  • $25.00/month or $255.00/annual per person.

Monthly fees begin 30 days after set up.

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