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Court Costs and Defense-Related Coverage | Attorneys On Retainer


100% of Your Criminal and Civil Defense Fees Are Covered

If you’ve been involved in a self-defense incident, you’ll need to hire an attorney to represent you in court. Hiring an attorney to defend your rights through a trial can be very expensive, with common fees ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. When you’re a member of the Attorneys On Retainer Program, we will cover 100% of your criminal and civil defense fees. Being that we’re a law firm, this enables us to cover those expenses by using our attorneys already on payroll. Unlike other programs that contract attorneys for your case, we will use our own attorneys to defend your rights.



What Are Common Court and Civil Defense Fees?

Civil defense fees include costs for polygraph and DNA tests, court fees, court reporters, witness expenses, discovery transcripts, and electronic research tools such as Westlaw. Additional fees may include photocopies, postage, and any other necessary expenses for representation.


How Does Our Fee Coverage Benefit You?

  • You’ll pay nothing out-of-pocket for your attorney fees during the trial.
  • All criminal and civil defense fees are covered by the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm. Plus, you will know who is defending you in advance.
  • You can focus on your trial and not how to pay for it.


As stated in Section IV of the fee agreement, “The Attorney shall be responsible for all costs and expenses as reasonably necessary to effective legal representation for Self-Defense Legal Matters Only.”


If you’re an Attorneys On Retainer Member, these additional court costs and defense-related expenses will be completely handled by the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm.

If you want to have all your court and civil defense fees covered, join our program. To become an Attorneys On Retainer member please call 866-404-5112 or email us. To sign up online, please click the button below.

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