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Occupational Security Coverage | Attorneys On Retainer


Occupational Security Coverage

Occupational security coverage protects employees in high-risk professions. Industries like private security guards have protocols for employee safety, but personal safety measures may still be necessary in certain situations such as encounters with armed intruders or life-threatening scenarios.



What Is Occupational Security?

Occupational Security is a job that performs any type of security enforcement or work that involves safeguarding and patrolling work areas, grounds, or buildings. This job prevents goods from being stolen, prevents unknown individuals from going into places without permission and prevents the likelihood of a person hurting themselves or others.

Occupational Security Jobs Include but Are Not Limited To:

  • Private Security
  • Security Officer
  • Surveillance Officer
  • Retail Security
  • Campus Security
  • First responders and more


How Does Occupational Security Coverage Benefit Me?

If you engaged in a self-defense incident at a high-risk occupational setting, or if your profession is securing the safety of others, occupational security coverage can provide a level of protection where immediate response is needed to neutralize a threat and safeguard lives. The use of a firearm comes with significant responsibilities and legal considerations.

Common Scenarios Where Security Guards Might Use Self-Defense:

  • Theft
  • Trespassing
  • Property Damage
  • Vandalism
  • Assault


Does Aor Cover Occupational Security Coverage?

As a member of AOR, you are covered even if the self-defense incident happened because of your job’s official duties. Because the the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm backs you and not an insurance company, this means we are able to fight for your freedom without a third party’s opinion or limitations, unlike other insurance-backed self-protection plans.

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