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24/7 Emergency Line Coverage | Attorneys On Retainer


24/7 Emergency Line Coverage

When you find yourself in a self-defense situation, it’s absolutely crucial to have immediate access to your attorney who can offer you the legal counsel you desperately need. Your attorney becomes your lifeline and will ensure your rights are protected. Having your attorney by your side can make all the difference in safeguarding your future and peace of mind.



What Happens When You Call the Emergency Hotline?

From the moment you call our law firm, you can rest assured that we will be acting in your best interests. The Attorneys On Retainer emergency hotline is answered day and night, 24/7. When you call, you’ll be connected with one of our criminal defense attorneys who can assist you immediately and advise you on how to interact with law enforcement, ensuring your 4th amendment rights are protected.

In addition, your call with the attorney is completely confidential and protected by attorney-client privilege. You can speak freely knowing what you say won’t be used as evidence in court. Once your call with our criminal defense attorney is complete, we will assemble our AOR Strike Force and get them engaged in your situation. To learn more about our AOR Strike Force, click here.


The AOR Strike Force is a group of experienced attorneys, paralegals, and support staff dedicated to addressing self-defense incidents for our AOR members. Our Strike Force has specific duties and will jump into action, immediately completing critical tasks.


How Will the 24/7 Emergency Hotline Benefit You?

  • Immediate legal guidance after your self-defense emergency.
  • Protection of your rights and future.
  • Access to a criminal defense attorney 24/7 for peace of mind.
  • Confidential attorney-client communication.
  • Fast-acting legal support team.

If you want access to our 24/7 emergency hotline and the ability to speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys, become a member today. To join the Attorneys On Retainer Program please call 866-404-5112 or email us. The fastest way to sign up is by clicking the button below and becoming a member online.

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