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The AOR Strike Force: A Team You Can Trust

April 1, 2024

What Happens When You Call the AOR Emergency Hotline? | Attorneys On Retainer


In the aftermath of a self-defense incident, the need for immediate legal advice and action becomes vitally important. That is where the Attorneys On Retainer Strike Force comes into play. Led by Attorneys Marc J. Victor and Andy Marcantel, the AOR Strike Force offers the proper legal counsel following a use of force incident and completes the necessary steps towards ensuring the best legal defense for our AOR members. The primary focus of our Strike Force is to exceed expectations and provide exceptional service to our members.



Key Points:


What Happens When You Call the AOR Emergency Hotline?

When an AOR member is involved in a self-defense incident and contacts our 24/7 Emergency hotline, they will be connected with one of our licensed Criminal Defense Attorneys, who will provide the necessary legal advice following the incident. You will be asked several detailed questions about the situation and be advised on how to interact with law enforcement, ensuring your 4th amendment rights are protected.

When you contact the emergency hotline, know that your call is confidential and protected by attorney-client privilege. Once the conversation with client has ended, the attorney will get our Strike Force engaged on your incident.


Who is The Strike Force and What Do They Do?

The Strike Force is made up of experienced attorneys, paralegals, and support staff dedicated to addressing self-defense incidents for our AOR members. Our Strike Force has specific duties and will jump into action, immediately completing critical tasks such as:

  • Verifying information on the Emergency Contact & Release Conditions Form
  • Securing local legal representation & getting Pro Hac Vice admittance (for cases outside of Arizona)
  • Establishing on-going communication with clients’ family or loved ones
  • Organizing the bail with the local bondsman, so you can be released


Preparing for the Worst: The Importance of Completing Your Emergency Contact & Release Conditions Form

From the moment you call our law firm, you can rest assured that we will be acting in your best interests. As an AOR member and client of the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm, our goal is to be as prepared as possible in the event of an emergency so we can provide the highest quality legal representation. The Emergency Contact and Release Conditions Form will provide us with the necessary information to use at any release hearing to secure your release. Additionally, if we are unable to reach you in an emergency, this form provides us with details and permission to discuss the situation with your emergency contact if necessary.

Although it is not required that you fill out your Emergency Contact & Release Conditions Form, completing the form helps ensure that when an emergency arises, our law firm can quickly and effectively spring into action in the event of a self-defense incident.

  The Emergency Contact & Release Conditions Form Includes:

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Preferred Local Legal Counsel
  • Gun Ownership Info
  • Past Criminal History (if applicable)
  • Health & Physical Background

Be assured, because we are a law firm, all information you provide us with on this form or in any other format is protected by the attorney-client privilege as well as our ethical duty of confidentiality.


Establishing Local Counsel & Pro Hac Vice Admittance

If you are outside the state of Arizona, our law firm can still provide legal representation using the “Pro Hac Vice” admission process, which allows our attorneys to practice in other states for specific cases. With Pro Hac Vice, we can get admitted into your state and work with a local attorney of your choice. If you do not have a preferred local attorney, our law firm will assign you one based on our strict requirements such as:

  • Attorneys who are Pro Freedom
  • Attorneys who are Pro Second Amendment
  • Attorneys who are Experienced in Criminal Defense


Additional Tasks of Our Strike Team

As our Strike Force handles all your immediate legal matters, they will also ensure a clear line of communication between you and your loved ones. Additionally, they will also be working with the local bondsman to secure your bail, organizing scene clean up, and mental health counseling (if needed). Their job is to make the situation as easy for you as possible. Once the Strike Force team has completed their responsibilities, our team of Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm will take over and begin defending you.


For over 27 years, the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm has been fully committed to defending clients in self-defense cases. We believe all clients are innocent until proven guilty and we stand ready to defend your freedom. If you want coast to coast legal protection, then consider joining our Attorneys On Retainer Program. Our AOR Program specializes in defending clients in self-defense incidents. When you call our emergency hotline, you will be speaking with one of our licensed attorneys.

To learn more about our Attorneys On Retainer Program, please call 866-404-5112 to contact us today.