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The Truth About Gun Insurance Policies

By Attorney Marc J. Victor

Jan 17, 2023

Truth About Gun Insurance | Attorneys On Retainer


The whole idea behind being prepared to defend yourself after a self-defense event is that the company you contract with will defend you in your legal fight if you are ever charged with a felony crime, and you assert self-defense as your legal defense.

There are lots of different companies and insurance plans in the market today. They each have different rules, exclusions, and types of coverages. Even though many of these companies and insurance policies cover things like firearms training, bail bonds, scene cleanup, and lost wages, they also contain many exclusions to their coverage because no insurance company is legally allowed to offer coverage in the case of a criminal act. Said another way, they may not cover you when you need them the most, when you are charged with a serious felony crime. This is why, if you read the fine print, you will often find many exclusions that do not cover you in the event you are charged with a crime. Some companies and insurance policies even have provisions that allow them to demand that you repay any benefits under certain circumstances.

While these additional benefits are nice to have, if you are charged with a serious crime, you need the peace of mind knowing you have an experienced team of criminal defense attorneys who you can trust. Because in the end, it’s the criminal defense attorneys representing you in court that matters the most to what you care about, your freedom.


If your company or insurance policy can’t provide you with an experienced criminal defense attorney of your choice or does not cover you in all cases of self-defense in felony matters, then the money you spent may be futile.

Most self-defense insurance policies are administered by insurance companies that can offer significant amounts of financial assistance and benefits during the lifespan of a self-defense shooting. However, these insurance companies explicitly add provisions in their policy that are intended to exclude coverage for certain incidents. For example, all insurance policies exclude coverage for “criminal acts.” Remember, if you are charged with a crime, a prosecutor or a grand jury has already found that you committed a criminal act. Will the company you contracted with, or the insurance company involved agree and deny coverage? Why take this chance?

The Attorneys On Retainer Program is administered and run by a well-established and experienced law firm with a national practice, which can represent you even if you have indeed committed a criminal act. It’s what we have done for the past 30 years. We have a group of experienced criminal defense attorneys who love defending people in self-defense cases. We will represent you as we would want to be represented ourselves.

If you want reliable legal defense without all the unnecessary exclusions, be sure to check our Attorneys On Retainer Self-Protection Program. If self-defense can legally be argued to the jury and the matter is a felony that arises AFTER you signed up, you will be covered.

Common Self-Defense Policy Exclusions & Provisions:

  • Being Convicted of a Criminal Act
  • Domestic Violence
  • Brandishing a Firearm
  • Negligent & Accidental Discharge
  • Being Impaired by Alcohol or Control Substances
  • They Select Your Attorney
  • Repayment Could Be Required if Policy is Breached

By looking at these restrictions above, one might think that any one of those situations could very well happen to them in a self-defense situation. According to Justia, over 90% of criminal convictions result from plea bargains. Although it may be a lesser charge, you are still pleading guilty being convicted of a crime. Additionally, there are a lot of self-defense cases that arise out of domestic violence, brandishing a firearm and when alcohol is involved. So why would you want to involve yourself with an insurance company that won’t cover you even in some of the more common self-defense situations.


The Attorneys for Freedom Difference

The biggest difference between our Attorneys on Retainers Self-Protection Plan and the other self-defense policies is that our plan is administered by a REAL law firm, not some insurance company that has endless exclusions. With the Attorneys for Freedom Law Firm, you won’t ever have to worry about coverage if you are charged with a crime and used your firearm in self-defense of a domestic violence incident. As a member of the Attorneys on Retainer program, you are also a client of the firm and we will represent you as aggressively and professionally as we can…even if it arises out of a criminal offense.

If you have any questions about the Attorneys On Retainer program, feel free to contact us or call (866)-404-5112.

Criminal Defense Attorney and founder/owner of Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm, Marc J. Victor, specializes in major felony and self-defense cases. With experience as a legal commentator, he is also a long-time freedom activist and a former U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

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