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Victim Representation Coverage | Attorneys On Retainer


Victim Representation Coverage

If a person commits a crime causing an AOR member to act in self-defense, Attorneys On Retainer will represent our member and bring criminal charges against their attacker. If your attacker tries to secure an unjust plea deal, our attorneys will take them to trial.



How We Represent Our Aor Members

Prior to trial, the prosecutor representing the attacker will try for a plea deal to avoid a trial. This is when our attorneys will go to court on your behalf and argue about the unjust plea deal. During the sentencing, our attorneys will fight for a sentence that our AOR member feels is appropriate.

An additional service we provide is dealing with any press inquiries on our members’ behalf. All these services are included in the AOR program.


Aor Members Don’t Go to Trial Alone

We represent AOR members as victim advocates (meaning they’re the victim of a crime and not charged with an offense). Our attorney can attend minor hearings like pre-trial conferences without the AOR member needing to be present. However, if the case proceeds to trial, the AOR member will likely be called to testify. In such a scenario, we’ll stand by their side, providing support and guidance throughout the preparation and during their testimony in court.

What You Can Expect During the Trial:

  • We’ll Address Your Concerns: We will provide confidential guidance through the criminal process, explaining decisions, charges, evidence, and legal proceedings.
  • We’ll Defend Your Rights: Your representation is crucial as your attacker is likely to have legal representation. Their attorney might contact you, send letters, make demands, or propose settlements, possibly suggesting you’re at fault.
  • We’ll Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard: We will make sure your needs are met through legal means. We will express your concerns clearly to the authorities so that they can be addressed effectively and resolved practically.


How Does Victim Representation Benefit You?

We believe that it’s extremely important to have our attorneys stand up for AOR members during their legal proceedings. When an AOR member has representation, it guarantees that their voice is listened to, their rights are protected, and their experience is acknowledged and valued.

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