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Bail Bond Coverage | Attorneys On Retainer


Bail Bond Coverage

In the aftermath of a self-defense incident, you may be arrested and placed in jail on bond. It’s not uncommon for individuals and their families to be unprepared for such a financial burden. Having to post bond can be a very expensive and stressful experience for everyone involved. When you’re a member of the Attorneys On Retainer Program, we can get you back to your life by providing up to $50,000 to post your bond and get you released from jail.



What Types of Bail Bonds Do We Cover?

Our program offers coverage for both secure and cash bonds. A secure bond is when you have to offer something valuable like cash or property to be released from jail. A cash bond is when you pay the full bail amount in cash to the court to get released from jail. While both types of bonds get you released from jail, it’s up to the court to determine which one you pay, and that’s where the Attorneys On Retainer Program steps in to take care of the financial burden and your release from jail.


How Much Does Our Program Offer Towards Your Bond?

  • Secure Bonds: If you have sufficient collateral, our program will provide funds up to $50,000 for a secure bond on a posted bond value of up to $500,000.
  • Cash Bonds: Our program will provide a cash bond of up to $50,000.


Our Bail Bond Coverage Offers You:

  • Peace of mind knowing you will be released from jail.
  • The ability to maintain daily life while preparing for your trial.
  • Being able to stay in communication with your loved ones.
  • Protects your personal savings from being used as bail.

You can avoid having the financial burden of paying expensive bail bonds by joining the Attorneys On Retainer Program.


The Attorneys On Retainer Program provides a reliable way for you to post bail from jail and begin working with an attorney from our law firm on your defense.


To avoid the financial burden of posting your bail bond, become an Attorneys On Retainer member by calling 866-404-5112 or email us. To sign up online, please click the button below.

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