The AOR Difference

Unlike most self-defense plans on the market, the Attorneys On Retainer program is NOT backed by any insurance company. The Attorneys On Retainer program is owned and administered by a law firm. This means we are not required to adhere to the same restrictions and limitations that other insurance-backed programs must follow. The Attorneys On Retainer program is not an insurance plan – it is an attorney/client fee agreement.

Many of these companies that offer concealed carry insurance say they can provide significant financial assistance in the aftermath of a self-defense shooting. However, because they are backed by insurance companies, they will likely have EXCLUSIONS in their policies that allow them to DENY coverage.


Coverage Comparison

The Attorneys On Retainer program is a law firm fee agreement, not an insurance policy offered by a third party.

Available in All 50 States
Does Not Use Contracted Attorneys
Know Your Law Firm in Advance
Covers Criminal Acts

*Intentional criminal acts are specifically excluded (CCW Safe).

Covers Use of Illegal Weapons
Covers Gun-Free Zones
Covers Invalid/Expired CCW Permit

In a state without Constitutional Carry

Covers Prohibited Possessor Status
Covers Impaired Judgment by Drugs or Alcohol
Covers Negligent Discharge

During the act of self-defense

Covers Domestic Violence
Has Fee Recoupment Provisions
Bail Bond Coverage
Expert Witness Coverage
Investigator Coverage
Retrial Coverage
Criminal & Civil Defense Coverage
Scene Cleanup Coverage
Covers Mental Health Services
Covers Reimbursement Of Firearm (If Confiscated)
On-Duty Security Coverage
Covers All Additional Court Costs and Defense Related Expenses

Polygraph examinations, DNA examinations and other scientific tests, court costs and all official fees, court reporters, fees related to discovery and departmental reports, medical records, transcripts, process servers, messenger services, appraisers, escrow agents, accountants, electronic research, photocopies, and postage and any other expenses which in the judgment of the Attorney are necessary to your representation.

Covers Victim Advocate Representation
Discounted Legal Services for Non-Self-Defense Criminal & Civil Matters


  • You were charged with any felony, sued civilly, or have a catastrophic personal injury.
  • Legal matter must occur AFTER joining the Attorneys on Retainer program.


  • 35% discount on attorney’s hourly rate.


  • Legal expenses, court fees, travel expenses, and Pro Hac Vice fees are not covered.
Red Flag Laws
Civil Liability
Attorneys On Retainer - Our Criteria for Coverage is Simple. (About) Image

Our Criteria for Coverage is Simple.

  • You are facing a criminal charge (misdemeanor or felony).
  • The charges arise out of conduct that occurred entirely after you became a member of the Attorneys On Retainer Program.
  • You can reasonably and in good faith assert that you acted in self-defense or self-defense of others.

Backed by the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm

Located in Chandler, AZ, the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm has been successfully representing clients in countless major criminal cases such as murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, and all types of gun-related cases in both state and federal courts since 1997. The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm’s owner and founder, Attorney Marc J. Victor, is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization and has a well-established reputation in the pro-gun community, having lectured on the legal rights and responsibilities of gun owners for well over two decades.

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